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Boat hotel 30.5 m long and 7.80 m wide, hull steel sheet distributed on Deck 02 deck and solarium with capacity for 28 people, with 08 triple and 01 quadruple cabins (all w / air conditioning and Private bathrooms and fridge), dining room, living room with LCD TV 32 and 40 inch (both air conditioned). Equipped with 02 02 propulsion engines and generator sets, system filtered and pressurized water (hot / cold), amateur radio connected to the national telephone antenna for mobile, cold room, full kitchen, service bar, and exercise bike, bedding, outdoor showers, barbecue, bed and bathroom for crew.

5 routes are available to the client combrindo most wetland of Mato Grosso, which are:

  • Sepotuba River - 30km;
  • Reserve Taiamã-167km;
  • Conception Harbour - 250km;
  • Caceres to Corumbá - 704km.
  • Caceres to Porto Jofre, Porto Cercado past the St. Lawrence River Piquiri, and Rio Cuiabá totlaizando pproximately 800 Kilometers.

Popular fishing spots in the region of Cáceres:

  • Old retreat;
  • Jauru River;
  • Tucum;
  • Red Barranco;
  • Bay mares;
  • Santarém;
  • Farm Morrinhos;
  • Pit indio
  • Pacu Gordo
  • Conception

* It is strictly prohibited to fish or transit within
dependencies of booking with junk fishing and seafood